Non-FEMA Sponsored Course Catalog

Explore NMT/EMRTC’s other courses below, aimed at enhancing your knowledge of energetic materials.

These courses operate independently, without sponsorship from FEMA, and do not receive grants from DHS/FEMA.

High Explosives Principles and Applications Course

This course is designed to give an overview of the modern theoretical understanding of explosives from a chemical and physical standpoint while enhancing the strength of that understanding through practical field and laboratory demonstration experiments. Basic explosive engineering material will be covered, including thermochemistry, explosive initiation, shock wave physics and explosive effects. Laboratory and field demonstration experiments on the EMRTC explosives range will reinforce classroom material.

Target audience: Professionals involved in the study, application or research of energetic materials.

Through this course, students will develop:

1. A general understanding of the chemistry of explosives as it relates to energy content, energy release and basic safety.

2. A basic understanding of explosives initiation, including functionality of common commercial initiation systems and explosive trains.

3. A physical understanding of detonation theory, shock physics and air blast effects for explosives.

4. A general understanding of the hazards associated with the synthesis and handling of explosives, including improvised explosives.

Inquires please contact Jonique Gallegos by email or by phone (575) 835-5092.