Socorro, New Mexico

Discover the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (EMRTC), a pioneering research arm of New Mexico Tech. Specializing in high explosive and munitions testing, EMRTC, based in Socorro, New Mexico, also conducts courses for bomb response training for emergency responders. EMRTC's 40-square-mile field laboratory is located in the mountains adjacent to the New Mexico Tech campus in Socorro, New Mexico. The field laboratory contains more than 30 test sites, gun ranges, other research facilities and storage sites, allowing for a complete spectrum of research and testing activities. EMRTC has the ability to conduct tests involving over 20,000 pounds of explosives.

Photo of the outside if the EMRTC building

Playas, New Mexico

Welcome to the Playas Training and Research Center (PTRC) in Hidalgo County, New Mexico. Formerly a Phelps Dodge Corporation company town, PTRC now operates under New Mexico Tech (NMT). This center, established in 2004, serves as a training hub for first responders and counter-terrorism efforts. PTRC occupies the former town, offering a square mile of space connected to 400,000 surrounding acres.

Photo of classroom training complex in Playas, New Mexico