Train-the-Trainer Program

NMT/EMRTC Train-the-Trainer Program allows graduates of specific courses to become NMT/EMRTC First Responder Training Authorized Instructors and teach an awareness-level, shorter length, version of the course within their jurisdiction. This program is offered at no-cost to qualifying course participants who meet prerequisites and complete all program steps and requirements.

Qualifying Courses

The following courses are part of the NMT/EMRTC Train-the-Trainer Program. Graduates of the Train-the-Trainer program may teach the awareness-level, shorter-length, version of each course.


    Individuals looking to receive NMT/EMRTC First Responder Training Authorized Instructor certification must be recognized as existing trainers or instructors within their home agency/organization or jurisdiction. Individuals must also be able to provide documentation of their trainer/instructor status.

    Steps and Requirements

    Individuals who meet the program prerequisites must complete the following program requirements:

    1. Must successfully complete the Train-the-Trainer course in its entirety and score a 90% or above in the course knowledge assessment post-test.
    2. Must complete the online NMT First Responder Training Program Instructor Standards, Expectations and Excellence course.

    Qualifying individuals who complete all requirements will be certified as NMT/EMRTC First Responder Training Authorized Instructors and permitted to teach on behalf of NMT/EMRTC Training with coordination from program staff.

    Authorized Instructor Certification

    Authorized Instructor Certification is valid as long as the Train-the-Trainer course and specific version is active in the NMT/EMRTC First Responder Training course catalog. A new course version is released approximately three years after the prior DHS/FEMA certification date. For example, a course released in January 2024 will remain active until January 2027. At this time, a new version of the course will be released.

    When a new course version is released, Authorized Instructors can renew their certification by attending the new version of the Train-the-Trainer course or complete an online refresher course to review the key and new components of the new version.

      Participant Certification

          Participants who attend a course delivered by an NMT/EMRTC First Responder Training Authorized Instructor will receive a New Mexico Tech Certificate of Completion for the total number of hours of instruction received and are recognized as official graduates of the course by DHS/FEMA and NMT/EMRTC Training.

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